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Katie Latimer, Barn Manager  574-299-3888


Full-care boarding, fed twice a day, hay accordingly.  Horses are turned out when weather permits.  We have an indoor and outdoor riding arena, a heated/cooled, locked tack room, cross-tie area, and outdoor wash stall.  We have 11X12 stalls with dutch doors, fans and heated buckets.  24-hour on-sight care is provided. 



Select number of horses available for monthly leases.  We match horses to rider ability.   Call for availability and prices.


Riding Lessons

We offer a limited number of one-hour beginner through advanced riding lessons. The sessions include grooming, tacking and untacking the horse. Call for availability and more information.


Animal Sales

We usually have Dwarf Nigerians babes for sale every August after farm camps finish!  They are well loved and so very friendly from being with the kids all summer.

We also sell Romedale CVM wool each spring.  Please call if interested.

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