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Adventures on the Farm

Katie designed these two programs with home school children and the little ones in mind. In this 4 week session, they will meet at the farm once a week for 2 hours (school-aged children K-5th) or 1 hour (Little's Prek and under).


Questions? Contact Katie by TEXT (574)299-388 or EMAIL at 

For school aged Kids

Here they will learn hands-on about the working of the farm as they take on responsibility for caring for animals. They will learn about a new animal each week, care for said animal, and make memories with their new friends

$170 for each session (once a week for four weeks)


For the Little's

Watch as your child explores the farm hands-on. They will meet new animals each week and complete crafts in their1-hour session.

$100 per session (once weekly for 4 weeks)


Sessions begin at the beginning of each month. For a session to run there must be a minimum of 5 people.

School Aged

Session A

Mondays from 1-3

Session B

Wednesday from 9-11


Session A(Little's)

Friday 9-10

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