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About Our Farm

A small slice of outdoors just around the corner!

About Us: Our Farm

Our Story

Our farm began as a dream to have a simple barn for our girls' horses, with a place for them to ride and lesson that was our own!  Who would have imagined we would be the high bidder at an auction when we had just stopped by to check it out! After much planning and building our home, we were married right in our backyard.  It was a beautiful, sunshiny day with the corn field as our backdrop. 

The first year here we pulled together as a family and worked hard, adding barns and pastures. Then we decided to expand  ...  summer camps for kids, boarding and leasing horses, riding lessons and more.   Hence, our story began, and everyday has become a new adventure here at "The Farm." 

About Us: History

Meet the Team

We are a family run barn, and very much enjoy sharing our facilities with the community.

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About Us: Gallery
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